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Mary Pat became a board certified Nurse Practitioner in July 2015 after completing Kent State University's Nurse Practitioner program. With over 30 years' experience as a registered nurse and cosmetic therapist, Mary Pat continually seeks to increase her knowledge and skill to better serve her clients. Her passion has been working with others to achieve health and happiness which drew her into the science of skincare after a successful career as a critical care nurse.

Mary Pat has been in the cosmetic aesthetics industry for over 18 years. With over 1500 clients that have followed her to Advanced Aesthetics in addition to being Nationally recognized, we refer to her as the Master Injector. In addition to owning Advanced Aesthetics, Mary Pat is also faculty to Allergan's Medical Institute and trains injectors throughout the State of Ohio.

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Stephanie is an aesthetic RN with a major focus on skin rejuvenation / anti-aging using collagen induction therapies. She promotes the importance of creating an appropriate foundation for the skin in order to support and restore the skins optimal health & youthfulness. 

Stephanie has been working in aesthetics for 4 years and comes with a passion for connecting with others and helping them look & feel their best. She works with her patients holistically to achieve skin transformations for best long term results. Stephanie believe that if we look good, we feel better, and then we can do & be our best … and that’s something we can all strive to achieve! 

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Haley Seidel has a Business Administrative degree from Ohio University. She advanced her education by receiving her bachelors degree in Nursing from Ursuline College.

While working as a Critical Care Nurse at University Hospitals, Haley has been shadowing Mary Pat (owner of Advanced Aesthetics) for the past two years and has now come on as an Aesthetic Nurse.

Haley's belief and passion is to educate patients that their skin is their largest organ and the importance of caring for it.

Haley works alongside Mary Pat on Botox/Dysport injections and also specializes in CoolSculpting,  DiamondGlow facials and has extensive knowledge on the ZO SkinHealth and Alastin skin care lines. 



Alyvia graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelors degree in Health Sciences.

She has always had a passion to go into Cosmetic Aesthetics and made the decision to pursue a nursing degree from Xavier University’s accelerated ABSN program. While in school, she continued to work at Advanced Aesthetics as their Esthetician and also shadowed Mary Pat Gallagher. We are excited to say that Alyvia graduated in May of 2022.

Alyvia loves being in aesthetics because it allows her to help people feel more confident about themselves and address their concerns about how they look and feel from the outside in. She has looked to Mary Pat as a mentor and is excited to expand her services.